Storia Handmade Regular Waste Paper Basket

Storia Collection
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Product Story

Storia is a charmingly novel collection which features the legacy of ancient times inspired by Italy.

The Storia collection features intricate symbols inspired by an Italian love affair of ancient times, to renewed attention in the modern world. Handmade in Florence by a small family run business with 50 years' expertise. The waste paper basket is a useful and practical item which comes flat packed, easy to assemble. Hand embossed by Italian craftsmanship. The designs include a mythical new world and the Fleur de Lys or Giglio which is the ultimate crest of the city of Florence, and the lion and the lily. A perfect addition to the décor for your office or any room.


Product Details

  • Handmade in Florence by a small family run business with over 50 years' expertise.
  • Hand embossed to create the intricate historical symbols inspired by Italian history and culture.
  • Comes flat-packed, easy to assemble.

Product Specs

  • DIMENSIONS 31cm x 20cm
  • MATERIAL Paper