Scottish Terrier Handmade Ceramic Small Cruet Set Black and White 

Scottish Terrier Collection
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Product Story

Handmade in Japanese anime style in contrasting black and white. These doggy cruet sets will fit in at any table setting.

A very loyal breed with a loving character. The unmistakable Scottish Terrier or 'Scottie' is featured on this adorable ceramic salt and pepper cruet set. Handmade with cartoon styling from high-grade Japanese clay. Contrasting in classic black and white to ensure this man's best friend stands out on your table top. An ideal gift for a dog lover.


Product Details

  • * This fun-loving ceramic salt and pepper shaker set featuring the unmistakable Scottish Terrier or ‘Scottie' which has a loyal and loving character.
  • * Handmade from high-grade Japanese clay. * A cartoon style Scottish Terrier ceramic salt and pepper shaker set with a modern black and white colour contrast which will fit in any style of table setting.
  • * Comes with the removable plastic base bung, easy to refill.

Product Specs

  • DIMENSIONS 8cm x 10cm
  • MATERIAL Ceramic