Rustico Handmade Leather Bound A4 Refillable Journal Saddle Brown Plain

Rustico Collection
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Product Story

Extraordinary craftsmanship. This peerless collection is exceptional as the distinction lies in the details.

Uncompromised beauty. The Rustico Refillable Journal is meticulously handmade in Florence using only the most exquisite and immaculate skins, known as full-grain leather hides. This matchless leather is painstakingly tanned by Italian leather craftsmen using the world’s most environmentally friendly tanning method which utilizes vegetable dyes. This pioneering process can only be used on the finest hides as it does not disguise flaws but instead illuminates the leather’s natural lustrous grain to exude an easy elegance that leaves no need for elaboration. Featuring relaxed contours and a simple, yet elegant leather tie closure. This impeccable collection is a real pleasure to own and will be sanctuary for slice of your life story. Each refillable journal is open completely flat and comes with a sumptuous refillable booklet containing creamy leaves of high-quality Italian acid-free Plain writing paper which is fountain pen friendly. Refill pages are available in plain, lined, dotted or planner. Exquisitely presented in a top quality Italian handmade gift box.


Product Details

  • * The Rustico collection of handmade journals and photo albums are like gems of natural beauty. Handmade in Florence, this collection's main focal point is the quality of the leather used which is the best grade of the full-grain leather hide. It is tanned with a pioneering vegetable tanning method which retains the leather's unique properties whilst respecting the environment. Completely natural and durable. The Rustico is simply our most sophisticated collection of all time.
  • * Handmade in Florence by a small family run business with over 50 years' expertise. * Created using the finest Italian full-grain leather hide, the best grade obtainable worldwide. * Made using pioneering techniques that utilize vegetable tanning, an environmentally friendly method which creates a truly unique skin and exposes the detailing of the leather grain. The leather's colour has the richest and warmest tones which will only improve with age. * Exposed lining with exquisite edge stitching constructed by skilled Florentine craftsmanship.
  • * Refillable journal lays completely flat. * High-quality Italian-made acid-free writing paper. * Fountain Pen Friendly. * Exquisitely presented in a top quality Italian handmade gift box.

Product Specs

  • DIMENSIONS 31cm x 23cm
  • MATERIAL Leather
  • PAGES / SIDES 125 / 250
  • PAGE TYPE Plain