Profumo Wooden Gift Set 18 Regular Incense Cones

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Product Story

Transform any room into a haven of serenity with an inner calmness.

Light up the atmosphere with an incense cone and immersed in a deeply relaxing scent … the pure and natural ingredients of our incense cone gift set will set a tranquil scene. Enjoy a moment of bliss with a fantastic range of mixed fragrances from floral, woody, fruit and oriental spices combined with all natural ingredients, complete with an adorable ceramic burner dish. Approximate burning time of each cone is 10 minutes. Simply place your incense cone in the incense cone holder, light the end and wait until the end glows then blow out the flame for a wonderful fragrance. Perfect for meditation, yoga or purely for relaxation.


Product Details

  • Beautifully presented in a wooden gift box.
  • A wonderful range of incense cones with mixed fragrance from botanical, woody, fruit and oriental spice. Comes complete with a sweet little ceramic burner dish.
  • A pure scent as incense cones do not have a wooden core like incense sticks.

Product Specs

  • DIMENSIONS 18cm x 2cm
  • MATERIAL Mixed