Profumo Wooden Gift Set 5 Tiny Mixed Candles Scented

Profumo Collection
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Product Story

Immediately fill a room with this dainty, sweet gift set.

These mini candles are encased in pretty little ceramic shells and packaged in a charming wooden box. Each tiny candle is scented with a fantastic mixed range of fragrances from floral, woody, fruit and oriental spices. They are well made and hand poured into each dish with a metal ring on the bottom to ensure the wax will liquefy completely whilst lit. Approximate burning time of each candle is 20 minutes. Immediately fills a room with an inviting atmosphere. Makes a delightful gift for any occasion, perfect for goody bags or wedding favours.


Product Details

  • Beautifully presented in a wooden gift box.
  • Each candle is scented with a wonderful mixed range of fragrances from botanical, woody, fruit and oriental spice.
  • This miniature candle is well made with a metal ring on the bottom of the dish so that the wax can liquefy completely whilst lit.

Product Specs

  • DIMENSIONS 17cm x 4cm
  • MATERIAL Mixed