Petal Compact Desk Small Note Box Bougainvillea

Petal Collection
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Product Story

Simply beautiful as a desk accessory or a handy jewellery box.

The unadorned beauty of dried flowers, petals and leaves have been immortalised in handmade paper created by our skilled artisans, ensuring the Bougainvillea Petal Note Box is a really bright, beautiful and everlasting design. Featuring a charming wooden toggle closure to secure it closed. Perfect for your desk accessories or as a jewellery box.


Product Details

  • Individually handmade by skilled craftsmen in the northern villages of Thailand.
  • Created using handmade natural bark paper, a planet-friendlier option, embedded with dried Bougainvillea petals and leaves.
  • Prettily secured with a charming wooden toggle closure.

Product Specs

  • DIMENSIONS 4cm x 10cm
  • MATERIAL Paper