Petal Handmade Poster Paper Bougainvillea Cream

Petal Collection
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Product Story

An everlasting beauty, our handmade Petal paper will always be the perfect choice for art and crafts projects.

No matter what season passes by… this beauty will not fade. Our handmade Petal paper is indicative of the delicate art form of arranging dried flowers, petals, grains and leaves. Their colour and form are preserved expertly by our skilled artisans. Our Bougainvillea Cream papers are robust and tough with a good thickness which can be written on with any kind of pen and can be used with any kind of glue. Perfect for creative use … art and craft projects, card making, scrapbook decorations, book covers, wedding invitations, gift wrapping and more ... The only limit is your imagination.


Product Details

  • Individually handmade by skilled craftsmen in the northern villages of Thailand. We focus on the details and intricacies of each piece rather than mass produce.
  • Created using handmade natural bark paper, a planet-friendlier option, embedded with dried Bougainvillea Cream.
  • Each sheet has been created in the traditional manner by drying the pulp on bamboo frames in the sun; meaning less shrinkage and no need for nasty chemicals.

Product Specs

  • DIMENSIONS 78cm x 53cm
  • MATERIAL treebark