Petal Handmade Large Photo Album Bougainvillea

Petal Collection
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Product Story

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who in this land is fairest of all? It answered: The unadorned beauty of these petals is a thousand times fairer than you, my queen. The everlasting beauty of the Petal collection speaks nothing but the truth.

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there were a beautiful bunch of Bougainvillea flowers. Their colourful petals brightly contrasted against the sky day after day…The seasons passed by and the beautiful petals eventually shrivelled and lost their hue. Meanwhile, there lived a skilled artisan from the foothills of Siam who mastered the art of preserving the unadorned beauty of the petals and used them to dress up the natural bark spine of a handmade cover and the Bougainvillea petals lived prettily ever after. Each album is hand bound with high-quality ivory leaves of 100% acid-free paper interleaved with a thin transparent sheet which will protect your photographs forever. Our albums are also great for sketching, oil painting, pastels and as scrap books. Complemented with a handmade two-tone gift box.


Product Details

  • Individually handmade by skilled craftsmen in the northern villages of Thailand. We focus on the details and intricacies of each piece rather than mass produce.
  • Created using handmade paper, made from natural bark. A planet-friendlier option.
  • Gorgeous with dried Bougainvillea petals and leaves immortalised in handmade paper enhanced with a bark stripe.

Product Specs

  • DIMENSIONS 35cm x 30cm
  • CAPACITY 320:4x6, 160:5x7, 160:8x6, 80:8x10
  • MATERIAL Paper
  • PAGES / SIDES 40 / 80
  • PAGE TYPE Classic Style