Online Swarovski Crystal Ballpoint Satin Aluminum Ballpoint Pen Rose Gold Swarovski Crystal

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Product Story

Sparkles with delicate crystals for extra elegance.

Elegant, compact, and stylish. The Online Crystal inspiration Ballpoint Pen is made from satin aluminium in a gorgeous rose gold colour. Beautifully embellished with 30 studded Swarovski crystals for an extra special finish. It is a twist action ballpoint, fitted with a black refill and presented in a 'deco' presentation box. A perfect accompaniment to our handmade personalised journals.   Made in Germany, Online has been a premier pen company since 1991. ONLINE develops high-quality products characterized by innovation, functionality and an eye for design and they are well known as “the colourful ones“.


Product Details

  • Made in Germany. Online has been one of the premier pen companies since 1991.
  • The Online Crystal Inspiration Ballpoint Pen is decorated with 30 studded pieces of Swarovski crystal.
  • Aluminum base and mounting sleeve coloured in elegant rose gold.

Product Specs

  • DIMENSIONS 11cm x 1cm
  • MATERIAL Crystal