Hermafix Refill Roll 15 metre Mounting Adhesive

from the HERMAFIX ®
Hermafix Collection
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Product Story

Practical magic. A revolutionary glue dispenser from Germany.

An intelligent adhesive: Hermafix Non Permanent Refill Refill Roll is a revolutionary technology from Germany - a small roll-on glue made especially for mounting photos, artwork and postcards. It is also great for scrapbooking, collecting recipes or oodles of mementos, prints or documents. Absolutely photo safe and free from acids and solvents. Contains a 15m length of dotted glue and refills can be installed in seconds. The advantage of the non-permanent version is it allows you to experiment and reposition the layout without any time limits. If at any time you want to remove the photo, just lightly rub the adhesive off the page or photo and it literally disappears. No mess! No trace! The Hermafix refill roll is designed to fit any type of our Hermafix glue dispensers.


Product Details

  • An adhesive roll on glue, the latest technology from Germany.
  • The non-permanent glue allows you to reposition the layout with no time limits. If you want to remove, just lightly rub the adhesive off and it literally disappears.
  • Refills can be installed in seconds, just open dispenser, insert refill roll, close - ready!

Product Specs

  • DIMENSIONS 4cm x 4cm