Funky Mini Jazzy Colour Handmade Purse Journal

Funky Collection
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Product Story

Hip. Fab. Fun. Our Funky purse jotter: A perfect fit for every trend.

These funky purse Jazzy Colour Mini NotePad are super natural as they are handmade from acid-free tree bark paper. They not only fit easily in your handbag, they are also perfect for carrying on you. The cover features cheerfully coloured paper decorated with fanciful pressed flowers. A wooden toggle and coloured string at the spine add a hip design twist. Useful on any occasion for jotting down those little reminders such as a shopping list. Each book is hand-bound with an au naturale but robust 100% acid-free tree bark paper which can be written on with any normal or fountain pen. A twig pencil is included.


Product Details

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  • * {usp} * A twig pencil is included. * Suitable for Vegans.

Product Specs

  • Dimensions 10cm x 8cm
  • MaterialPaper
  • BrandLife Arts