Diplomat Magnum Equipment Classic Ballpoint Pen Stainless Steel

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Product Story

An everyday essential. Engineered for smooth effortless writing at an affordable price.

Made in Germany the Diplomat Magnum Equipment ballpoint pen is smart and makes a fantastic impression. Distinguished among the Diplomat community with simplicity in style and high-quality all-metal casing and polished chrome fittings. Sleek and curved, free of any unnecessary embellishments with a strong hooded clip. Fitted with Diplomat blue refill for smoothness. This affordable pen is a perfect partner for everyday writing. The pen comes packaged in a clear gifted box. They make the perfect accompaniment to our handmade personalised journals. Diplomat has been manufactured using traditional methods of craftsmanship since 1922. It is the combination of exceptionally high-quality materials to ensure a perfect balance and impact resistance to all ranges. Diplomat writing instruments prove to stand the test of time and continue to share your stories.


Product Details

  • * Distinguished among the Diplomat community for its high quality. Made in Germany, Diplomat Magnum, Equipment is a combination of all metal casing and polished chrome fittings. Smart and curved with a strong hooded clip design. This affordable pen is perfect for everyday writing.
  • * Made in Germany, Diplomat brand is well known for its simplicity in style, excellent performance with exceptional high quality materials.
  • * All-metal casing. * Polished chrome fittings.

Product Specs

  • DIMENSIONS 14cm x 1cm
  • MATERIAL Stainless Steel