Cool Art Hand Painted Acrylic Extra Large Painting BEST BUD

Cool Art Collection
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Product Story

Create a blissful focal point anywhere throughout your home or baby's nursery.

Brighten up those wall spaces you’ve been trying to fill with our ''BEST BUD'' an original artwork on canvas from CoolArt. Hand painted by a talented artist with a passion for joyful brush strokes and a love of cool vibrant colours. Funky and fun with plenty of animal characters to choose from: Man's best friend in a range of different breeds, coolio cats, farmtastic cows, happy giraffes and royal elephants. Perfect for adding a splash of colour to any room even a new born baby's room. They work especially well in children’s rooms or play areas to promote a world full of colours, you will see amazing expressions of delight! All kids greet CoolArt paintings with rapturous looks. Priceless!


Product Details

  • Hand painted and signed by the artist.
  • Original artwork in acrylic paint on stretched canvas over sturdy frames, ready to hang on your wall.
  • Funky, fun and full of character with joyful brush strokes in cool vibrant colours.

Product Specs

  • DIMENSIONS 80cm x 65cm
  • MATERIAL Acrylic on Canvas