Visconti Art Ellenic 925 Classic Fountain Pen Sterling Silver

Art Ellenic Collection
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Product Story

An eloquent statement. Sterling silver body with superb 14k gold nib.

An exquisite Italian writing instrument from Visconti. The elegant Art Ellenic illustrates historic eras and is decorated like the Doric columns of ancient Greece, with 12 parallel concave grooves. This luxurious fountain pen is 925 sterling silver coated, equipped with a 14K Gold Nib. It fills with a piston system and features a unique bayonet twist and pull cap. It is a lightweight fountain pen which is an eloquent statement offering a stunning aesthetic and a perfectly balanced writing experience. The pen comes packaged in a gorgeous Visconti leather presentation box and it is the perfect accompaniment to our handmade, personalised journals. Made in Italy. 'Visconti' is synonymous with quality and elegance. Their writing instruments are renowned for the uniqueness of their designs and only the finest quality materials are used by their expert craftsmen. These magnificent pens by Visconti have a unique individuality and a sumptuous finish.


Product Details

  • Visconti is synonymous with luxury writing instruments of extraordinary beauty and craftsmanship.
  • Exquisite Italian writing instrument, it is 925 Sterling Silver coated in the form of a Greek column.
  • 14 Kt. Gold nib with a piston filling system.

Product Specs

  • DIMENSIONS 13cm x 1cm
  • MATERIAL Silver 925