Archiva Handmade Large Matching Album Box White

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Product Story

Makes a lovely presentation box for your gifts and is perfect for storing your photo albums safely for years to come.

Make your album even more special with our handmade gift box. Beautifully made in two-tone colour. The White Large Archiva matching album boxes are designed specifically to fit our Large Siam range of photo albums. There is a drop down menu on each of our album or journal listings with the option to purchase corresponding accessories, but if you are unsure please feel free to get in touch.


Product Details

  • * Individually handmade by skilled craftsmen in the northern villages of Thailand. We focus on the details and intricacies of each piece rather than mass produce.
  • * Quality sturdy handmade gift box made using eco-friendly handmade tree bark paper.
  • * Designed to fit with all Siam range handmade Large photo albums from Life Arts.

Product Specs

  • DIMENSIONS 26cm x 32cm
  • MATERIAL Paper



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